About Us

About The International Golfers Club

In 1991 The International Golfers Club was launched for non UK Residents, offering the same handicapping scheme to members worldwide.  This will incorporate the new  official Worldwide Handicap Scheme by the end of 2020. We have many members in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria as well as over 30 other different countries.   We have close ties with Professionals in these countries as well as many societies and works groups, whose handicaps we monitor at greatly reduced rates. We also give golf handicap advice to all our members.

For anyone new to golf, your handicap card is essential, and lets other golfers know your level of ability. More and more courses in the great golfing destinations such as Spain, Portugal,Turkey and Morocco are demanding to see a proper handicap card. Our handicapping system  will incorporate the new Worldwide Handicap Scheme and is accepted on the Old Course St. Andrews as well as many other prestigious course in the UK.

On joining, all you need to do is submit three scorecards - either by post  or email as a pdf or jpg attachment - correctly marked and signed by your fellow player and you will be issued with a plastic credit card style annual membership card showing your initial handicap.  Alternatively you can submit a copy of your Platzreife (Permission to Play) certificate issued by your golf professional.