How the handicap works

A Golf Handicap certificate and card, plus free handicap advice is available when you become a member of The Golf Club Great Britian. If you are an amateur a golf handicap is a measure of an player’s ability to play golf. Therefore a golf handicap is calculated by the average number of strokes above par a player is likely to score, for any given round.


At the end of a round of golf, each player subtracts their individual golf handicap from their score, resulting in a net score. This means that this system allows golfers of different abilities to compete against each other.


To unpack this still further, if a golfer has a handicap of zero or a negative number, the net score is calculated by adding the golf handicap value to the actual score achieved.


So a Player with a golf handicap of say 0 or less is referred to as a scratch golfer. This only applies to amateurs Golf handicaps, as professionals do not apply this system.


It is important that you have a recognised golf handicap certificate or golf handicap card and we can supply one for you quickly by clicking here